Recommended books

I made a selection of only the best books. The books I like and would recommend to everyone are:

*Retire young retire rich — the best book I’ve read about money and the first I’ve read from the Richdad series. I got the others later, but this one is still my number 1. It opened my eyes and my brain.

* Money Is My Friend-nice little booklet with practical money tips.

*Dirk du Toit- Bird Watching in Lion Country — by Dirk du Toit, is a top selling forex course. It covers all aspects to become a successful currency trader.

*VolumePriceAnalyses — by Anna Coulling, volume and price together are the only indicators that truly reveal market sentiment and the activity of the insiders. Without it you are trading blind.
With it, everything is revealed. There is no hiding place with VPA

*Howard Marks- Mastering Market Cycle — the book focuses on one thing: market cycles. Why they occur, how to spot them, and how investors should use them to improve their returns. The book goes into great depth on the minutiae of cycles, and can often appear quite repetitive.

*Fx_wave — by James L. Bickford, the purpose of this book is to answer the most important questions of the technical analysis — where and when. Where one wave starts and another finishes? Where are the critical points for setting of the stop-loss and take-profit levels? When is the right time to enter a position and when is the best time close it?

*Harmonic trading books from Scott M Carney (Harmonic Trading: Volume One, Harmonic Trading: Volume Two and Harmonic Trading: Volume Three). Everything you need to know about harmonic patterns from A to Z, you will find here. Yet this man invented it.

Recommended brochures and magazines:

fibonacci-secrets by Jeremy Alexander Newsome, pivot points-all about them (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)…


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