Slowed Monday-a few words about the topics that run through my head

We are witnessing new and great turning points. Something big is happening and maybe something even bigger will happen soon (this year)? In politics, society, economics or in all spheres? Change for the better or for the worse? A shift? Rise or fall? A new conflict or a civil war in the United States on the horizon? Big surprises, corruption, embezzlement, fraud or large-scale success … Opportunities for profit are often numerous, but for loss even more numerous? I hope you prepare a little or at least secretly for surprises so that you are not caught unprepared. … Activity is intensifying, markets are booming and things are moving. Whether it’s an upswing before another recession and a big downturn – or an actual recovery that will take time, depends on where you live and how you look at things. Mostly things are starting to develop .. that’s good because dormancy and insanity brings little good to anyone except retirees and that’s questionable .. The new COVID-19 vaccine will certainly have an impact on market developments, and Banks are a bit shaken and this market in general had a crazy climb of a few months. We’ll see what happens next.


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